The Couture Project

A digital journey to the heart of fashion

The term ‘haute couture’ translates literally as ‘high sewing’, but means so much more. Indeed, the phrase conjures up images of one of the most exceptional and specialised industries and art forms in the world. The true nature of haute couture clothing ensures that everything is created by hand, employing techniques often centuries old.

In collaboration with InkPix Media Founders and Directors, James Fairclough and Harry Farnham, and Joana Granero, Founder and Director of Fashion & Cinema, the proposed digital platform and website experience, The Couture Project, will be completely interactive and explore the world of haute couture, its place as a business model in the fashion industry, its influence on twenty-first-century culture, and the highly-skilled and often secretive techniques employed to create the world’s most unique and influential clothing.

Haute Couture Techniques

A special feature of The Couture Project will be the exploration of the atelier techniques, many passed down verbally over the course of decades and centuries. The website will feature filmed masterclasses and written material in easily accessible sections to illustrate and chronicle these fundamental techniques in areas such as braiding, embroidery, beading, textile design, millinery, etc. And this record will ensure these traditions are kept as a legacy for future generations.

The Couture Project website will contain a wealth of wide-ranging content featuring:

  • Interviews with international haute couture designers
  • Filmed masterclasses with leading technicians in their area of expertise, including: braiding, beading, textile and fabric creation, jewelry, accessories, millinery, cobblers, discovering the ateliers and techniques working in collaboration with haute couture design houses.
  • 3D models of some of the works, allowing the user to experience the pieces in high detail.
  • Interviews and specially commissioned accessible written material from leading teachers, historians, and practitioners in the fashion industry, and also drawing on the expertise of fashion institutions.
  • Explore the new technology becoming part of fabric creation and design
  • Glossaries of terms and brief biographies in pop up format throughout, suggested reading lists
  • Historically important footage of key fashion shows, collection presentations, and interviews from earlier decades
  • Valuable and historically important illustrations from archival sources: sketches, photographs from collections; material illustrating techniques
  • Shine a spotlight on the new generation of designers: Offer a forum and showcase for upcoming designers and recent fashion school graduates to feature their work–with films, catwalk videos, interviews, links to their websites
  • Accompanying the website–a series of podcast interviews and specially commissioned pieces