Second Story

photo © unsplash-logoRuffa Jane Reyes


‘First steps to a new venture in your second age.’

We are experiencing an age of living longer and healthier lives, with continuing opportunities to discover new paths and directions. For many, this may be an ongoing curiosity to see what’s next around the corner, and there may come the moment to move beyond one career to follow the dream into a new venture. And they have with them a valuable set of tools–their already established skills, networks, and techniques which can be used to explore and create a new enterprise.

SecondStory is launched to offer a digital platform—first a blog, followed by a website–for women ready to start the next career, discover the next enterprise, return to the working world, using their skills and experience in new ways. SecondStory will offer a forum with advice, support, networking, and information and–to mix metaphors—to help climb to your second story and discover your next chapter.

Demographics reveal that women, especially, are discovering and creating opportunities to launch new careers, with many becoming what are called ‘encore entrepreneurs’–recognising and responding to new markets and launching new businesses. Initially, SecondStory will focus on women, as their career and life paths often contain unique challenges, but in due course we hope to widen our focus to include all voices.

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