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Photo by Ruffa Jane Reyes on Unsplash   ‘First steps to a new venture in your second age’


We are experiencing an age of living longer and healthier lives, with continuing opportunities to discover new paths and directions. Are you motivated by an ongoing curiosity to see what’s next around the corner and want to follow a dream into a new venture? Well, into that new venture you take a valuable set of tools: your already established skills, networks, and techniques which can be used to explore and create a new enterprise.

We launched SecondStory to offer a digital platform — first as a blog, followed by a website – for women ready to start their next career, discover the next enterprise, return to the working world, and use their skills and experience in new ways. We hope that, eventually, SecondStory will offer a forum with advice, support, networking, and information and – to mix metaphors — to help you climb to your second story and discover your next chapter.

Demographic studies reveal that women, especially, are discovering and creating opportunities to launch new careers, with many becoming what are called ‘encore entrepreneurs’ after their first career. In order to help women recognize and respond to new markets and opportunities and launch new businesses and ventures, SecondStory will focus on women’s journeys, as their career and life paths often contain multi-career challenges.

We founded SecondStory to share our own experiences and vision, and we welcome all voices. First, a bit of background:

Vicki has always been fascinated by publishing and how it works, and built a career in the industry, working as Senior Commissioning Editor at Cambridge University Press publishing books in the performing arts. After 25 years in the printed book business she decided to explore the world of digital publishing and its innovations and challenges, founding her company, Cooper Digital Publishing Ltd. One of the most fascinating aspects of developing her new company, and her second story, has been the realization that many of the skills and techniques from the creation of the printed book can be applied to digital publishing.

Melissa began her professional life as an intellectual property lawyer in New York. Following her emigration to the UK, she launched her second career, and second story, with a major academic publisher, and now works as an editor for a large tech company. Using her core skills for a variety of different roles over the years has taught her that successful careers don’t have to be linear and that, with confidence and patience, anything is possible.

When talking these things over, we wondered:

If you reinvent your career or want to return after a break and wish to take a new path, can many of your learned skills and techniques also be applied to the new venture? How does this work? How can existing career networking channels, contacts, and talents help with your new enterprise? Are many women experiencing the same thing? Moving from one career path to another, be that retiring from a company and founding your own, or returning to the working world after moving to a new area, maternity leave or raising children, and wanting to launch a business or a new career: wouldn’t a forum for these experiences be helpful?

We decided to ask these questions and share our answers, creating a digital platform where we will invite guest contributors to offer advice and insights. As we build our community, we also hope, eventually, to provide networking features, interviews, videos, podcasts, and additional digital innovations.

We’ll start with our own blog posts and those of guest bloggers and will soon launch the website! As we get underway let us know the kinds of topics you would like to discuss and questions to ask. And do also let us have your ideas for the website. This is our SecondStory: what’s yours?

Vicki Cooper & Melissa Good

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