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The Augmented Reality Printed Book

Cooper Digital Publishing in partnership with Immersive Publishing Ltd

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Furthering the development of digital publishing initiatives, Victoria Cooper, in partnership with James Fairclough, have launched Immersive Publishing Ltd, working with clients and their content to combine printed material with an added layer of augmented reality (AR) function in audio, video, additional text, illustrations, and three-dimension. Immersive Publishing Ltd offers an affordable and rapid AR system to combine the traditional print book and printed material with an added layer of technology, introducing this innovative approach to every page.

Here’s how it works:
For our clients we create their own AR app system – which can be downloaded onto a smart phone or tablet—in either Apple (iOS) or Android. The multimedia features, such as audio and video extracts, and 3D models, launch when the smart phone or tablet screen is held up to an illustration or place on the printed page—and brings the page to life!

Readers will enjoy a whole new layer of content that turns the printed book into a beautifully curated multi-media experience.

Like any other printed book, an AR Book can be bought in book shops and online, and is distributed through the well-established and successful book-selling channels.

By combining the traditional print book with an added level of technology, we are at the forefront of publishing, introducing this innovative approach to give the reader a richer experience, and offer anyone with valuable content the opportunity to create a new kind of product that is both instantly recognizable and also highly novel, and economically viable.

Bring to life content such as:
archival material, performance extracts, videos, interviews, music and sound examples.

We look forward to working with individuals and partnering with publishers on projects of all sizes:

Printed books with the added audio and video features

Journal articles

Concert programmes—with the surprise of a few music extracts

Record liner notes

Promotional material

Catalogues and brochures

We are very excited about the many possibilities of the AR Book and will be delighted to discuss ideas and projects.

App Design & Development

Working in partnership with professional coders and developers, and with a team of designers, filmmakers, and content managers, Cooper Digital Publishing offers a complete service in the design and implementation of digital products, to bring your vision to life with a sensational result, whether for business, the academy, or your own personal enterprise.

  • Specialist advice and assistance in the discovery, writing, creation, and analysis of content at the early stages
  • App design and consultation
  • Reviewing, assessing, and proofing at all stages

Interactive iBook design and development

Imagine the printed book now come to life in three-dimension—with each page a discovery of video, audio, and written material in exciting formats, revealed at the touch of the screen. Since 2012 Apple has provided their special code, iBooks Author, enabling individuals and publishers to design and create a new generation of interactive ebooks, redefining the reading experience.

Through the advice and guidance of professional iBook Author developers and publishing expertise, your iBook idea can reach its full potential.

iBooks are the perfect digital product for:

  • The scholar presenting new research, coupled with performance audio and video
  • The professional writer who wants that extra level of excitement and engagement
  • The cookbook writer and chef to enhance recipes and text with filmed recipe instructions—along with some music!
  • The amateur author exploring new ways to tell a story

Cooper Digital Publishing Ltd works in partnership with the professional and award-winning team, InkPix Media. InkPix Media Founders and Directors, James Fairclough and Harry Farnham, created the iBook, The Mozart Project, which combines text with three hours of Mozart’s music, hundreds of images, filmed performances and short form documentaries.

At the first international iBook Author Conference 2015, The Mozart Project won awards in three categories:

  • iBook of the Year
  • Creative Professional of the Year
  • Best Musical Work

The iBook has also received outstanding international attention and acclaim:

The Sunday Times Culture Section, Editors Pick

“Ebooks are felt to need a new market driver. Enter Fairclough and Farnham… Brilliantly interactive… The academics bring an encouraging, benign ethos that evokes the manner of great explainers such as the scientist James Jeans, or perhaps Kenneth Clark in Civilisation. This is in short, grown up technology that is content to hide behind familiar forms, rather than flaunting dull bells and whistles.”

The Daily Telegraph

“Brilliantly imaginative… Both stylish and companionable, The Mozart Project is also pure joy for the dipper and browser.”

Stephen Fry

“A completely new kind of book. An amazing achievement!”

BBC Radio 3  – Review by Royal Academy of Music students

“Presented in a terrific way… This is what justifies a project being on the iPad. I still love the paper of books, so I need a good reason, this together with the interactive content is a good reason to find this ibook.”
BBC Radio 3 on SoundCloud

Tom Service (presenter & Guardian Columnist)

“I think it does exactly what it says on the tin.’ + ‘Could this eventually supplant traditional music biography?”

BBC Classical – ★★★★★

“Inventively and colourfully compiled”

Sinfini Music – ★★★★★

“Challenges your imagination to keep up”

iBook Services

To help you create your own iBook, we offer the following services:

  • Expert advice on the discovery, writing, and creation of your book’s content—where to find sources for pictures, music, and advice on legal permission to use content.
  • Complete copyediting and proofing to ensure text is flawless and smooth.
  • Complete page design and overall book style in consultation with the author.
  • Launching and publication of the iBook.

Extra services include:

  • After-publication monitoring.
  • Marketing and publicity.

Publishing Consultancy

We offer a range of services and advice in the many areas of publishing today, whether for printed book or digital products:

  • Gathering together the numerous elements for an iBook, app, or book manuscript can be challenging, but experienced advice will provide the room and space to evaluate and enjoy the process, and see the overall enterprise.
  • We can provide guidance and specially-designed systems to help with the collection, cataloguing, and tracking of material for a digital project such as an iBook or app, or for a book manuscript.
  • For collaborative works or edited collections of essays we can assist the editor keep track of delivered material, contracts, style guidelines, deadlines, and communication among writers.
  • We can offer advice on the structure of the project: its organisation, layout, and presentation of content, to suit the readership and market.

Copyediting & Proofing Websites

Even in the digital world the written word, as well as links and material inside the website, app, or iBook, should be accurate and well-presented to guarantee a professional result and impact. Cooper Digital Publishing offers a range of copyediting and proofreading services, to enhance and perfect each page and screen:

  • Copyediting and proofing for existing websites and other material–to refresh, correct, and update content; checking links and consistency of style throughout.
  • Stylistic advice and copyediting of material for new websites, manuscripts, iBooks, and apps, before submitted for design and development.