Who We Are

An innovative and exciting firm, Cooper Digital Publishing offers a wide range of services to the performing arts, publishing, business, and commercial communities, with interactive and digital products to enhance their own brand and vision. Cooper Digital Publishing brings together the skills of the book trade, now reinterpreted and reinvigorated for the digital age. The techniques of traditional publishing remain necessary to ensure the perfect delivery of captivating and accurate content. Publishing expertise is now combined with visionary and creative talent, in collaboration with a team of professional iBook creators and app developers, designers and film makers, to produce cutting-edge and attention-grabbing digital publishing and products.

Victoria Cooper - founder of Cooper Digital Publishing

Director & Founder Victoria Cooper

Victoria Cooper comes from a distinguished publishing tradition: her great uncle, Alfred A. Knopf, founder of the major publishing house, Alfred A. Knopf Inc., first inspired her to pursue a career in the industry.

Victoria Cooper went on to establish a long and successful life in book publishing in the arts, and is now expanding into the creation of digital projects. Victoria is Founder and Director of Cooper Digital Publishing Ltd, established to design and produce ebooks, apps, and digital products in the areas of the arts, publishing, business, and the commercial sector.

Furthering the development of digital publishing initiatives, Victoria Cooper, in partnership with James Fairclough, launched Immersive Publishing Ltd, working with clients and their content to combine printed material with an added layer of augmented reality (AR) function in audio, video, additional text, illustrations, and three-dimension.

Cooper Digital Publishing has also collaborated with InkPix Media and The Ink Factory to publish the interactive iBook, The Night Manager: Insider’s Guide, to accompany the BBC drama, The Night Manager. Cooper Digital is also developing The Couture Project website - a completely interactive exploration of fashion and the world of haute couture.

With over twenty-five years’ of experience with Cambridge University Press, Victoria held the position of Senior Commissioning Editor for music and theatre books, managing the long-range shaping and development of large-scale titles, and working with scholars and those in the performing arts professions. In an industry focused on perfection and attention to detail, Victoria worked closely with authors and institutions to ensure the highest level of quality, with a number of books and writers garnering international awards and enjoying outstanding reviews throughout the media.

As Founder and Director of Cooper Digital Publishing, Victoria combines her expertise and background in the book trade, now in partnership with a creative and talented team of professional iBook and app developers, designers, and film makers, to bring to life the best the digital world has to offer.